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I have been thinking, and I think that some folk may need more support and help to manage the craziness going on around them. And I do know, having seen a lot of good come from the weirdness, that a lot of people do offer support. I would like to also offer help and support, especially as I have seen how people seem to be less insular and selfish. So I would like to offer the helpers help, including, but certainly not limited to: doctors, nurses, HCAs, for example.

And, of course, I guarantee, it is a totally confidential service.

Now is a time of crisis and I want to use some of the skills I have developed over the past 40 years to support, help and counsel folk who are struggling with the warped ways that the pandemic has brought to our daily, ordered and ordinary lives.

I want to, and can, help people by offering support in ways that push stress, anxiety, fear and helplessness, loneliness, and bereavement to the background and bring a more coping frame to the fore.

I know that there are a lot of people offering all kinds of help to all folk who are struggling to manage their feelings, people who feel lost, lonely and challenged in ways they could never have thought would challenge them.

I am a qualified and UK registered hypnotherapist – through the Complementary and Natural Health Council (CNHC), and through them accredited by the Professional Standards Agency.

A Solution Focus  Brief Therapy counselor and coach, a registered member through the UKASFP.

My MA is in how to meet the educational needs of children with special educational needs.  I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts; and a Fellow of the Royal Society of  Public Health and a member of the British Sociological Association.

I also offer Mindfulness Practice, if you feel that’s appropriate / what you want, to meet your current needs.

I am, like many reading this, in total lock-down having underlying health issues, so I use technology, such as zoom, Face-time and Skype or WhatsApp to work remotely with clients. I can also use messenger if you prefer.

And, whilst we are in the current situation we’re ALL in, I’m happy to offer to work with you,  with a hugely reduced fee; if you want to make a contribution because there are costs to this service, that’s fine, if you need to use the service without a charge, that is also fine, I promise that the quality of input does not vary according to whether you can pay, or otherwise.

I also carry third party liability insurance and have a current  DBS check for working with vulnerable adults and children.

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