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‘The Open Mind’

This site, the blog of life, the love child of Open Mind Therapy, now has a broader, and much more inclusive remit, it’s no longer simply about a therapeutic approach to issues and problems.  I am an ex-teacher, ex-counsellor and therapist and have informed opinions, and have researched and thought about most topics that crop up daily, in ordinary people’s lives, some as a result of being asked to work, as a therapist, for instance, with people who are being bullied for being women or girls; who are survivors of sexual abuse; who are from BME groups; who are seeking to become transgender; who have addictions to drugs, drink, struggle with food, people who are terminally-ill, autistic, non-binary etc.,

Doubtless some folk will regard me as a nuisance, however, it’s my opinion that, sometimes an informed opinion will be more helpful than showing our prejudices, anger and so on, which is all that a lot of people have to go with.

Debate and argument, truth and facts are a lot more significant in discovering or developing a ‘helpful’ or ‘unthought of’ solution to much that troubles people on a daily basis. And are a damn sight harder to argue against.

We have lost a lot due to ‘fake news’ and social media; with, as an outcome, a fog descending on most people’s lives. We know the media are biased, as are our journalists – who report in ways framed by their editors. Mostly, in my opinion, neutrality nowadays seems a thing of the past.

So, you might find a blog post on the state of English schooling at the present time. And why I think the system is broken and failing is part of why I write what I write. After nearly 40 years as a teacher in the English system, I think I ought to be allowed to have a view. Not only that, I think I should be able to share the views I hold with people with similarly Open Minds.

Or I might blog about poor housing; poor access to health and healthy life-styles, the effects and affects of austerity, the reality of a struggling NHS … And, at other times I will blog about the beauty of our lives when compared with those of other people, in other places. The ‘how lucky’ we are of 21st Century life.

I never, ever, write anything that I can’t justify, either through research or personal, first-person experience. And, if you’re still reading, it would be helpful if you understood from the outset, i.e after the next few words, that this site isn’t about knocking hard-working teachers, struggling parents, confused and bemused children, or anyone caught up in the schooling system, or any other aspect of the daily chaos of life as it besets us.

It IS, however, about calling out systems (policies, if you’re not certain), that militate and mitigate against the getting on of anyone from a less than advantaged background than those who write policies – of all kinds, across ALL of politics and all political parties.. So, I WILL comment on the effects of poverty (including in-work poverty);  poor quality or unaffordable housing; austerity (it’s over? Don’t hold your breath!!). The running down of Sure Start, the closing of Youth Clubs, Libraries, the growth of unemployment as major companies shut up shop and move away … how long a list do you need? And, if you want me to address a particular topic, or area of life that effects you and yours, let me know and I will, I promise to try to address things as objectively as I can.

I need to add that I will not cover any topic based on sexism or misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, body-shaming, or other hateful topics, unless it is to counter the views of those who hold those thoughts as being true.

Thanks for listening

Open Mind

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