The Move Towards a More Community Oriented, Critical Psychology Way of Working (Draft Manifesto)

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Please Note this is about the search for social justice …

I have copied and pasted, with permission, the Draft Manifesto drawn up by Suzi and Guy that was made available to delegates at the UKASFP 2018 Conference in Liverpool. I emphasise the word DRAFT.

There is an invitation to a meeting London appended to the end of the Manifesto, inviting ALL interested solution-focus practitioners to come along and move the process forward.


“DRAFT MANIFESTO  for a Critically Engaged Solution-Focused Practice”

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that solution-focused practice can assist people in moving towards the lives they wish to live.

Solution-focused practice helps people to cope with the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

We are angered by the oppression we see around us, believe that public issues should not be translated into private troubles, and thus are committed to social change.

So we have a dream, that solution-focused practitioners can come together, and use the power of our approach collectively towards the social change that is needed.

Our best hopes are for a world where there is social justice and freedom for all.

Our preferred future is a world of equality, reciprocity and interdependence, and of communities that enable people to lead lives of fulfillment.

We believe that there are instances of this everywhere, and that there has always been progress towards this future, wherever people have come together for the greater good.

The history of our preferred future includes the campaign and reform sides of social work present at its beginnings, alongside help provided to individuals and families.

The history of our preferred future includes the critical and radical psychologists who opposed austerity and now call for social change.

The history of our preferred future includes community work and community development, where workers get alongside people in their communities and agitate for change.

The history of our preferred future includes solution-focused practitioners and others who have worked with people in groups and not only on their own.

To realise our hopes, we aim to develop our solution-focused practice so that

  • it acknowledges the social and environmental causes of people’s distress and difficulties
  • it extends beyond the realm of the individual to embrace collective and social action
  • we evaluate the impact of our solution-focused work on promoting social justice and equality, going beyond evaluation focusing only on individual improvement measures
  • we build links with movements for social justice and equality, and with practitioners of other approaches committed to these aims
  • we critically reflect on our methods and on whether they maintain oppressive relations

We call on solution-focused practitioners everywhere! To join us in our collective aims, for a campaigning solution-focused practice, for a critical solution-focused practice, for a solution-focused practice that we take into our communities and offer to those in greatest need. We call on solution-focused practitioners to rise up, to break free at last, for we have nothing to lose but our individualised chains!


I have posted this, and the email below, in order to give anyone reading this blog the opportunity to help, by using their skills and the skills they might acquire from, say, attending one of my trainings, to begin to move us all towards a more just society.


Email from Suzi and Guy, dated 20.07.2018

Dear colleagues
Just a brief reminder about the meeting called to discuss the Solution-Focused Collective initiative, which is taking place in London on Monday 6th August from 10.30am to 4.30pm.
The venue is St Margaret’s House, an historic building at the heart of the community in Bethnal Green, in London’s East End.
All who share our interest in charting a collective course for solution-focused practice are welcome to join us. Come and help us make collective solution-focused history as we consider our preferred future together.
Just drop us an email at if you’d like to come along.
Best wishes
Guy and Suzi
I think this is such a good thing to do and I have tried to support both Suzi and Guy from the outset.
Anyone got any thoughts?

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