It’s OK to Ask for Help

If You Want to Be You, Is That OK?

Sitting Here Thinking Thoughts and This Came To Mind.

Many, many people think thoughts – some are good, happy thoughts and some are less so. The problem is that people become upset at the ‘less so’ thoughts and think that if they’re not thinking the ‘happy thoughts’ something is wrong with them.

Trouble is, it’s exhausting thinking happy all the time.

So, if we accept that sometimes our thinking is a bit off beam, and, in truth, it’s OK to be thinking a bit off-beam, we’ll be happier in the long-run.

Now, if you’re thinking is a bit off-beam and it goes on to be a lot longer off-beam than you’d like – that is, it becomes troublesome, gets in the way of the the happy thinking you know you’re capable of; do something about it …

That’s easy for you to say, you’re a therapist … Fairy snuff and well said; however, I’m not the only one. There are shed-loads of therapists about.

Some, like me, are trained therapists; the majority are people you may not recognise as therapists, however they are still there, threading their ways through life, to their hearts content and not always knowing it…

These ‘hidden; therapists are likely to be

  • your partner
  • your parents
  • your siblings and extended family
  • your friends (best and otherwise) and friends of friends
  • your neighbour or other community members
  • the boss and other colleagues (co-workers)
  • the taxi driver
  • service users (of all kinds); ex and current
  • charitable organisations
  • etc.,  (you fill in the blanks, makes the blog way too long to include everyone I CAN think of – it’s your turn to add a few …)

and finally, fully paid-up, trained bods, like me.

So, whatever you do, TALK to someone.

Sometimes, in the  thoughts competitions that occur in our heads, the biggest bullying thoughts can overcome the littler, quiet thoughts that sit tight and quiet, waiting for the hullaballoo to die down, afraid that someone might laugh, point or make fun, or even WORSE – and there is a worse – tell you to PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER YOU.

Time for selective deafness and out the door to find someone who will LISTEN, and take you seriously, and try to help.

ONLY YOU know what you truly need. However, with the help of an empathic, friendly friend, well, they can help you to bring up the volume of your quiet thinks, way above the level of the unpleasant thoughts and you drown them out. You WIN…

So, please remember it is OK to be a bit don sometimes, it’s when it becomes overwhelming that some help might be useful.

Don’t be silent – ASK FOR HELP, it’s all around you, I promise.