Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

Ok, I’m having a cup of coffee before the day starts proper and thinking not a lot, when I get a sparkling moment and bit of a blow to the back of the head, both at the same time.

The piece on social psychology (18/07/2018), does not name the theory about why people with the same resources and living in the same environment (community) frequently achieve disparate aims. Why do some folk end up in distress and others, seemingly, glide through life?

The answer can be found through a process called Appreciative Inquiry. As an approach, or a way of thinking, a move away from a problem-focused way of being, it was predicated by David Cooperrider and it asked a simple question “… what’s working around here? …” and moves on from there.

And, I thinks it’s this basis, along with the solution focus approach itself, that is the underpinning of how we can begin our journey towards the social justice I talked about in my first blog-post.

What do you think?