This Blog Is Not Only About the Solution Focus Approach

Other Approaches / Techniques

Incidentally, and I haven’t a great deal of time today – we’re babysitting a lively three year old and her big sister of nearly six. However, I need to run by you the simple fact that this site is NOT ALL solution focus, rather it is about offering training in:

  • Restorative Practice / Approaches
  • Restorative Justice
  • Mindfulness
  • Some Aspects of Ericksonian Hypnosis (for qualified counsellors and therapists)

A lot of work, however, it will cover all major aspects of social psychology and include ways of working, in community and voluntary settings, with people struggling with a whole host of issues, and I’ll flag these areas up as we go.

Rest assured, if you’re thinking of coming along with me, you will have a useful repertoire of applied skills, adding to and supplementing your developing skills in solution-focus. And don’t forget either, I also offer supervision, mentoring and refresher workshops and seminars. I said don’t forget, because I haven’t actually said that bit yet, about on-going support, so don’t forget…!

Any thoughts from any one?